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 on: April 09, 2008, 08:32:44 AM 
Started by loohan - Last post by *~fURy~*
too bad...that thing was not really a class of 2007 farewell..is just those from 5hijau n 5putih.
I din make it to the farewell..thanks to the last minute change by someone.

 on: February 26, 2008, 06:52:03 PM 
Started by edmundcheong - Last post by edmundcheong
Hi there boys,

I see that the legacy of Unit 4 marchers continues.. It seems that Unit 4's superiority in marching is known..

So are we still winning?

Its good to know that 11 years down the road, we dominate the marching ring!!!

Age Quod Agis!!

Edmund Cheong Peck Huang

 on: February 26, 2008, 06:44:13 PM 
Started by edmundcheong - Last post by edmundcheong
Hey boys, continue to the Franciscan Spirit! Well done on what has been achieved.. especially the web team for maintaining the presence of the website this long.. Good work and age quod agis!



 on: February 26, 2008, 06:38:37 PM 
Started by edmundcheong - Last post by edmundcheong
TheFranciscan.ORG has directory of old boys...

Great work on the site SFI web team! Let us know how we can assist you.. Age Quod Agis!

 on: January 18, 2008, 12:31:26 AM 
Started by loohan - Last post by loohan
Khairul..hmmm Khairul Hairie or Khairul Adnan. Anyway, sorry cause I haven't been very active so I did not notice... lol.. so here goes : yo!

 on: January 18, 2008, 12:27:16 AM 
Started by john toner - Last post by loohan
Congratulations to the new generation of robotics team that has really brought up the name of our school! Congratulations!! Keep up the steam and don't forget to pass down your knowledge to the younger generations.

 on: January 18, 2008, 12:21:27 AM 
Started by loohan - Last post by loohan
Many people have been complaining about this dying forums. However, how many have actually come up with suggestions to keep it alive? Please do something on your part cause the webmaster cannot handle everything by himself, as he may very well be studying and doesn't have the time.. Therefore, here's mine:

- Consider allowing more customization (think social networking sites and blogging sites. e.g. friendster,blogger, facebook, third party applications)

- Have a newsletter system ( I would very much like to know what's happening in school like retirements, annual dinners, etc. What better way that to have it sent right to my inbox?)

- Get teachers to join in the fun (Students would have a different view on stuffs like way of living)

- Allow subscription of our magazine, The Franciscans through this website

- Allow IT-savvy students to display their works here( third party applications, etc.)

- Have a special segments for club and societies to post announcements like meetings, farewell, reunions

- Webmaster should have some more proper names instead of taking up the names of characters from animes like naruto.(No offence but to give it a more professional feel)

- Allow students to have their personal space like profiles cause we're very individualistic these days

- Parents should be able to view their children's performance in school, connect with the teachers, assess their children's attendance, wrong-doings, even print their monthly examination assesments direct from the website

- students should be able to obtain information about scholarships, awards...etc

- Clubs can do online promotion (librarians can promote new books here, remind students to return about-to-due books), (ICT club members can promote items sold during ICT week here and even take orders online)

- Important datelines should be put into a timeline to enable easy access to important dates (e.g. in chronology, annual dinners, retirements, celebrations) this also enables ex-students to return to school on the right day and time

- keep us posted on new happenings in school like the change of schooling sessions, form 6 intake, etc.(by the way, I can't access the "news" section on the home page, consider checking)

- Recommendations of books by teachers and seniors which include the price list and maybe ordering?

-consider making it compulsory for every student to have an account(build sort of a database with contact numbers, email, address so we are able to keep in touch even after school)

- Pn. Loh can chase students to return SPBT books since everyone is getting the scheme now

That's all I can think about at this moment, consider checking other popular websites and forums to gain an insight on what we want. If any of this comments have already been integrated, my apologies cause I haven't finished scouting the website and do keep me posted. I really hope to see SFI's website enter Google's listing, no? Just try your best and keep your eyes and ears peeled.

 on: January 17, 2008, 11:52:56 PM 
Started by loohan - Last post by loohan
Hey, I see this forum is kinda dead so I'm just contributing to the space here. Anyway, I realise that this forum is actually quite well designed. All thanks to Lem. However, sad but true, it's dying, so all Franciscans out there please spare some time to contribute your thoughts here cause no forum is alive without it's readers and contributors. Back to class of 2007. I supposed when we say class of 2007, it means that we were in Form 5 in the year 2007. The greatest thing about this year? Us, of course- the students! We have Lem. Without him, there would not be this website, this forum, or me complaining here. However dead this forum may seem, it's actually very much better that other schools. CCS even came to us to learn! How many schools can achieve that? Next on the list, we have Bhavik! Head prefect, squash something, scouts' treasurer, etc. etc. Just look at his testimonials as Franciscan of The Year..too many... Well, there are many other individuals worth mentioning, in fact, all of them, from Kai Zong right up to Jeng Yit. Remarkable. And to our class teacher, Pn. Juliet, thanks for everything. Speaking about teachers, we have one of the best workforce in SFI. Too bad, in 2007, we had to see the retirement of many dedicated teachers and staffs. Other outstanding achievements of our class? W have the support of Equatorial hotel! Just look at the umpteen times this remarkable hotel has helped not just our class but our school too. We not only enjoy freebies like cakes and stuff from EQ on Teachers' Day, we received numerous donations as well. In addition, how many classes can have their farewell party with one whole ballroom to ourselves at a 5 star hotel? With buffet and a stage+decorations, not to mention only RM30 per person, this is definitely one farewell party to go down in history....but*sigh* our schooling days are over in SFI and all that's left are memories, sweet and bitter to take with us. Franciscans still schooling, may I suggest you make a mark in the books of history too- create some havoc to the teachers(ok, ok maybe not too much) or better yet, get your grades into our yearly school magazine!

 on: January 17, 2008, 11:26:45 PM 
Started by loohan - Last post by loohan
I'm very sorry to hear about the tragic accident that befell Miss Ooi. Yes, it was a very sad and undeserving end but life has to go on. Here, I wish to extend my condolences to her family, loved one and staff of the school. I'm very sure that everyone will miss her dearly though we may not show it on the outside, deep inside, we feel it too. This is because I believe everyone is born with a heart, and by heart I mean a good, kind heart. Ever heard of this quote- Children are innocent? That's what I believe cause their heart hasn't been tarnished with negative stuffs. Therefore, to Miss Ooi, know that you'll be in our hearts forever. If you don't believe, try looking up friendster(those who have). Bulletins are aplenty besides condolences messages in MSN and blogs.

 on: January 12, 2008, 09:05:58 AM 
Started by RAZOR_sharp - Last post by RAZOR_sharp
Hey everyone, i'am new in this school.so can anyone tell me when is the scouts meeting? is monday or saturday?


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